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We Are UNITE HERE! Local 24

We believe the days of workers feeling frustrated, overworked and underpaid need to end. Working people shouldn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Or in constant fear of losing their jobs. Or worrying about being harassed or intimidated in the workplace. We represent hospitality workers in our cities: bartenders, housekeepers, servers, casino, stadium, and airline catering workers, who make the billion-dollar hospitality industry thrive.

We’ve fought for – and won – wage increases, affordable healthcare, job safety, set schedules, maternity leave and more for workers across Michigan and Ohio. If you work in the hospitality industry in Detroit, we’re already fighting for you.

If you’re struggling, constantly feeling frustrated that you’re overworked and underpaid you need to stand up and fight back. But you can’t go it alone. We are UNITE HERE! Local 24. And if you’re a worker in the hospitality industry in the Metro Detroit, Cincinnati or Cleveland areas, we are already fighting for you.