Step 1 – Once discipline is received, or any other potential contract violation is discovered, the steward and member should attempt to resolve the issue with management as promptly as possible.

Step 2 – If the issue cannot be resolved at the 1st step, then the member or steward must file a written grievance (making sure to attach all pertinent documentation) as quickly as possible after the events which the grievance challenges, by coming in to the Union office and filling out a grievance form. Members’ are strongly encouraged to review their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for time-limits and other provisions. If a member does not have a copy of their CBA, they should come to the Union office and request a copy.

Step 3 – Once a written grievance has been turned in to the Union’s Grievance Department, it is logged in the grievance database, a file is created, and a letter is sent to the Employer. The file is then given to the Representative that handles grievances for that Bargaining Unit.

Step 4 – Once the Grievance Representative has received the grievance file, they will contact the Employer to schedule a grievance meeting. Once a grievance meeting has been scheduled, the Grievance Representative will contact the grievant to inform them of the meeting date, time and location.