The officers and membership want to thank all of our shop stewards for all the work and commitment in representing the membership. As a union and as workers, we are continually faced with new challenges both in and outside of the workplace. To meet current and future challenges, we want to expand our leadership team through the Shop Steward Program. We need to be prepared for future contract bargaining, enforcing our current contracts and continue to strengthen and grow our union.

We will provide more training and opportunities for the union shop stewards. We also want to have consistent standards and commitments for all shop stewards. Our first steps are to have discussions in the workplace about the structure and needs of each worksite, set nominations and elections and have training programs scheduled.



  • Must be a member in good standing (Union dues must be current)
  • Must attend and complete the Local 24 Shop Steward Training Program
  • Re-Elected Shop Stewards must complete a refresher course
  • Must attend seventy-five(75%) percent of all General Membership/Shop Steward/Leadership meetings per year
  • Must participate in some form of committee work. (Organizing, Membership Education/ Mobilization, Political Programs, etc…)
  • Must have knowledge of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and know all the steps and timelines for the grievance process (i.e. when filing a grievance, you must complete each step of the process), upon completion of Shop Steward training
  • Must work well as part of the Steward and Local Union team
  • Must at all times maintain confidentiality of the Union membership and Union-related communications
  • Must be willing to lead in the workplace and support the programs of UNITEHERE! Local 24
  • Must volunteer a minimum of four (4) hours per month for Union activity
  • Must be willing to be evaluated by the Executive Board and Union Representative periodically
  • Must uphold the Union Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies of the Union


  • Any shop steward not meeting the requirements listed above shall be removed
  • Any shop steward not able to successfully perform their duties as a shop steward shall be removed, but will remain eligible for committees in the Local
  • A petition, signed by a majority of members in a shop steward’s department, can be submitted to the Union Executive Board. The Executive Board shall consider the situation and a final decision will be made
  • Any shop steward who accepts bribes or otherwise fails to execute duties faithfully shall be removed
  • The Executive Board or the President shall have the final say in conducting elections to fill vacancies



  • An opening or openings in a department are posted conspicuously, for five (5) consecutive days, in that department
  • Any member in good standing can sign up (Union dues must be current)
  • At the end of the five (5) days, the time and location for the election will be posted, and the election will be conducted by secret ballot
  • All members, in good standing in the affected department, are eligible to vote (Union dues must be current)


  • The President can appoint a shop steward who meets the requirements


  • Shop stewards are generally expected to serve until the end of the current Executive Board’s term (three (3) year term)
  • Shop stewards should expect to continue to serve until new elections are be held
  • The shop stewards elections may be held from time to time as needed or appropriate, with approval of the President


  • If a shop steward wishes to resign before expiration, notice of resignation should be sent to their Union Representative.
  • If a shop steward fails to meet the requirements listed above or fails to work with the Union’s Grievance Department, he or she may be deemed to have resigned.