2019 Dues Increase Reminder


Local 24 Union dues are set to increase on January 1, 2019. This notice will be posted on Union bulletin boards in our Michigan and Ohio properties.

Please contact your Union Representative with any questions.

Dues Increase Notice

Membership Dues and Responsibilities

It is important to be a responsible member of Local 24 by ensuring your membership information is accurate. This does not only include contact information such as changes in name, address or phone number. It is just as important to keep your dues current.

As of January 2011, monthly dues are $46.00 and initiations are $90.00 for all classifications.  There may be times when you employer is unable to deduct the total amount of dues, initiations or reinstatement fees from your check.  For example, you may have been on vacation, or on a leave of absence the week the deduction are normally taken out. Or the employer may have forgotten to deduct the prober amount. It is your responsibility to keep your dues membership current. This may require a simple phone call to the dues department to inquire about your account.

Withdrawal Update

We are constantly updating the Union’s dues records. If we receive notice that you are not working for longer than a calendar month, we will automatically put you on withdrawal from Union membership. This will save you money; however, being on withdrawal affects your ability to attend membership meetings, vote and run for union office. If you do not want to be put on withdrawal automatically, you must let us know. Automatic withdrawal only applies to eligible members. If you have been receiving dues statements from the Union or if you have a past dues balance, you may not qualify for withdrawal. If you would like more information on your eligibility or on how this will affect you in particular, please contact Sophia Cisneros with the dues department at 313-259-8486.

A Withdrawal Card is free to all members, who are current with their dues; but is or will be on a leave of absence (medical or personal) for one calendar month or more. A member may also request a Withdrawal Card if they are on a layoff, or is no longer working for a Union Company. The Withdrawal Card places the membership records in a hold status, which ceases the obligation of the member paying dues; this also puts the right to vote, attend meetings or otherwise participate in the activities of Local 24 on hold. After a member returns to work (from a leave of absence or is rehired) the member is required to pay the Withdrawal Card Reinstatement Fee of $67.00, which includes a $21.00 Reinstatement Fee and the current month’s dues of $46.00.

If a member does not request a Withdrawal Card, or pay dues to keep account current, their membership record may eventually be suspended. Once the membership record has been suspended, a $90.00 Reinstatement Fee is charged to all classifications.

Withdrawal Card Request Form

If you are going out on a Leave of Absence, resigned your position or have been terminated from your position, please complete the form below, with your information, to be put on a withdrawal card from the Union.

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