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FREE Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits

Recently, you should have received information in the mail from Local 24, regarding free AD&D benefits of $2,500 from American Income Life (AIL). In this mailing, there was a yellow card to complete and send back to AIL. Please note, if you send this card back, someone from AIL will contact you to schedule an appointment to come to your home to deliver your certificate and talk to you about other insurance programs they offer for purchase. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO HAVE THEM OUT TO YOUR HOME, IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE BENEFIT! You can simply let them know you are not interested in purchasing anything additional and to mail your certificate. If they persist, please contact your Union Representative or Steve Matous, AIL Public Relations at 313-580-3416, so the situation can be corrected.

Benefit Summary

  • $2,500 Group AD&D Benefit
    • Provides 24-hour coverage to all members. Each member will be given the opportunity to designate a beneficiary.
  • Family Information Guide
    • Helps elimiate confusion over funeral arrangements, insurance papers and estate information.
  • Health Services Discount Card
    • Provides entire household up to 60% point of sale discounts on Vision Care, Hearing, Prescriptions and Chiropractic Care. (Optional Discount Dental may be available)
  • Child Safe Kits
    • Provides vital information, including photos and fingerprints, to assist authorities should a child become lost or missing. Endorsed by the International Union of Police Associations, the American Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of School Administrators.
  • Needs-Based Analysis (Optional for Additional Purchased Insurance)
    • AIL computerized needs survey custom tailors coverage options to your family’s unique circumstances and budget.

Families In Need

American Income Life also helps Union families in need.



Commonly Asked Questions

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